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Posted by Mica on June 26, 2019 in Concept & Research, Design Inspiration

In the last few weeks I accompanied my research with sketches I did to experiment with textures, patterns, shapes and intersecting themes.

In my further steps I took the results of my deconstruction experiment and knowledge gained during my research to create the designs for my environment.

Environment Design

I faced a lot of struggles considering the general environment. On one hand I have to take performance into account and on the other hand I am also facing limitations of colours and shapes interfering each other (eg. black background and pink tasting notes). And how to I design an environment with a smooth transformation from one taste to the other?

The environment design took many different stages and directions. I don’t want to trap people in an enclosed room but let them experience the endless distances of VR providing a feeling of freedom.

After various different variations I decided to go against an open area with a black skybox but to use a frosted glass dome with pillars surrounding the tasting area. The general design was inspired by designs I published in my previous blog post for ‘Immerse Environments’. The pillars change shape according to the current nosing and tasting notes by moving up and down. With this I can create wave patterns, pointy shapes and distorted formations.

The elements of the environment will be textured as frosted glass and coloured shapes and lights will change the overall ambience.

Nosing and Tasting Notes Designs

For the nosing and tasting notes I used the collected data from my experience and abstracted the data and describe the experience of the nosing and tasting.


Nosing 1 – Ethanol

  • Description: tiny needles, slight burning.
  • Design: burning steel wool, glowing brighter before burning off, red glowing colour black background.
  • Sound: scratch, glitch, static sound changing volume irregularly.

Nosing 2 – Honeycomb, Vanilla

  • Description: soft, flowing, no edges, round, creamy coat
  • Design: round sphere topped with melting texture, pink with pinkish gold colours toned in pastel
  • Sound: ringing bells in c, floating sound

Nosing 3 – Spicy Sherry, Leather, Nubuk

  • Description: rough texture, dark and warm red, oval, round, but interrupted.
  • Design: oval shapes floating around tasting area in spiral upwards movement. Sound
  • Sound: circular stroking on velvet.

Nosing 4 – Woody

  • Description: rough texture, overlaid / plated over another, bitter beginning, but smooth long ending,
  • Design: alligator barrel char pattern, overlaid plates of longish squares, dark edge and ochre colour
  • Sound: deep sound of cracking door (sometimes used in horror movies)

Nosing 5 – Strawberry

  • Description: soft, wave, floating but ending with one little pinch at the end
  • Design: round ball with popping blobs. Texture ping with red circular floating lines.
  • Sound: floating deeper sound with a high pitched pop at the end.


Tasting 1 – Ethanol

  • Description: needles, contraction, very rough, burning
  • Design: Rough metallic pointy plates in rhombus shape, fast movement upwards, pointy, glitching in black.
  • Sound: glitch, wrong tune.

Tasting 2 – Liquorice root, sweet

  • Description: floating, no edges, deep
  • Design: carpet of floating pink and warm coloured strings, floating like an oil carpet.
  • Sound: deep sound, surrounding (running on the rim of a glass), slight bell noises.

Tasting 3 – Brazil nut, wood

  • Description: dense wool, green hint, scratchy
  • Design: plates of pointy irregular shapes, overlaid regularly in circular pattern around tasting area, moving in a tense way as if someone steps on it and it is cushioning the steps in a tense way (wings of a swarm of bees when they communicate with each other – only very slow in comparison).
  • Sound: scratch deep sound going in a wavy pattern (light to dense).

Tasting 4 – Sherry, leather

  • Description: rough, but floating, jerky floating, cat tongue
  • Design: Dark red warm dots as texture on a wavy formed stripes, licking the tasting area.
  • Sound: deep harmonic sound with chopped ending (soft)

tasting 5 – Salt

  • Description: scratchy but also very round and smooth
  • Design: carpet of hexagons floating in a together in a wavy rhythm but each hexagon has a jerky robotic and clinking movement.
  • Sound: higher tone, increasing clinking of tiny objects while tone goes from single higher to multiplied deeper and ending higher again.

Further flavour designs

Room Design Testing

Animating Cloth – falling
Cloth Roof
Test Sweet Flavour Environment