Performance, Limitations and Dissatisfaction

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Posted by Mica on July 1, 2019 in Design Implementation

I have to face several limitations in my project. The amazing possibilities of the new Visual Effects Graph are only running on the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) for my supported Unity Version 2018.4. Trying to walk around and setting it up for the Low Weight Render Pipeline are only available for later Unity Versions (2019) which is not available for my use. However, using the HDRP for a Virtual Reality game is not acceptable due to performance issues.

‘First with HDRP (also 4.8.0), which does look a little better, but has unacceptable performance (this is on a GeForce 980Ti). Then, at 2:18, we use a build of the same visualization where we used Unity’s legacy render pipeline – and even at the craziest particle counts (8x the particles count we had originally planned for), performance is butter smooth – not a single frame dropped.’

Jashan, Jan 21, 2019,

Unfortunately, this is leaving me without the benefits of the Visual Effects Graph, which makes it easy to set up complex and high rated particle effects for my scene.

Further, I am rethinking my Unity setup. Currently I am involving many different shapes in my Designs. However, it seems to overdo the scene and bloat up the experience. Should I consider more subtle and reduced visualisations to achieve a more efficient for my experience such as Mark Daniels suggested in our previous interview