Mind Map & Dynamic Earth

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Posted by Mica on May 17, 2019 in Concept & Research

Meeting with my Supervisor

For preparation for my meeting with my supervisor Prof. Dr. Jules Rawlinson I had to create a Mind Map.

Mind Map 1

The first Mind Map is a collection of tools and skills I will need to realise my project. Collecting this information pointed out the scope of using sensor. I will need a transmitter, software and an interface connecting this data to Unity all in addition to the implementation of the different gestures.

Mind Map 2

The second Mind Map was a mind map in a more traditional way all around the extension of reality in a whisky tasting. This gained the question such as how to work with particles and what psychological information can I find regarding colours.
Further I have to take the constraints into accounts such as the limited time I have available in comparison to the knowledge I can gain.

The following meeting with my supervisor was very constructive with the following points we discussed:

  • What is the role of digital design in marketing?
    Jules recommended me to contact Mark Daniels from New Media Scotland. He created tasting events around Synesthesia.
  • I should check out studies in gaming regarding the Gyroscope sensor. Further research could be around RFID chips which were also used by Yann Seznec.
  • A great research recommendation would be the exhibitions of ‘Dynamic Earth’ who use various immersive exhibits.
  • My idea was to create abstract visuals. Regarding to this I should ask and answer the questions ‘Why’. Do I want to show abstract or abstracted designs. If I want to visualise it in an abstracted version I have to research metaphorical terms.
  • Ask yourself: ‘What is the value?’ and ‘Who is it for?’
  • How to visualise real live feelings in a virtual environment (what does a smile look like?
  • Are there any reviews of other events I can use for my exhibition?

Dynamic Earth

The exhibitions of Dynamic Earth were very inspiring. For the creation I want to go to the root of Whisky (chemicals origins, history before even Whisky existed.)

Dynamic Earth – Talking Photographs, Holograms and Projections

But after all I am still lost… I have so many option and non seems to be right. Seeing the huge screens at Dynamic Earth made me also realise how immersive an environment presented in this scale can be. Flying through the landscapes with tilted camera angles was truly an immersive experience, however, this was mainly created by the fast motion which is not suitable for a project such as mine. Fast motion, specifically in combination with alcohol, is highly likely to create motion sickness which will distract from delicate senses such as smell and taste.

Dynamic Earth – Flying through Landscapes

So how can I project an interactive an immersive experience in a room?

Further, what makes my project a Masters project, therefore more than just a marketing gag? Where is the challenge in it? Where is the value of it? Is my approach to screen in a room the right choice at all?

Dynamic Earth – Elevator Animation

I need to focus on one issue at the moment. Extend reality before enhancing senses. Or the other way around?

So how can you extend reality in a creative (and interactive) way? 

What do I want to achieve this? 

I think I need to loosen my original ideas and start from scratch. No boundaries. No limits. Just design thinking. I guess I need a glass of whisky…