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Posted by Mica on May 1, 2019 in Concept & Research, Design Inspiration

Before developing my project I have to find out first what hast been done in this area before? Who created a digital tasting experience before and what was it like?

Many companies in the whisky industry are known for being open minded and willing to experiment. This willingness for experimentation also includes their advertisement.

Glenlivet – AR Label

Glenlivet created for their whisky Code (a bottling without any tasting notes) an Augmented Reality (AR) application which challenged customers to ‘crack the code’. This AR application can be best described as a puzzle of nosing and tasting notes for this bottling and showed a percentage of accuracy at the end.

The Macallan – AR Gallery Experience

The Macallan created in their Gallery 12 an Augmented Reality exhibition (using the Hololens 1) for their two 12 year old expressions in which they took visitors through a journey from corn to bottle.
According to their description this exhibition was directed to educate whisky lovers about their whisky making processes and the nosing and tasting notes developed through this processes.

More information can be found at PR Newswire.

Glenfiddich – 360 VR Rendering

Glenfiddich created a 360 VR Rendered video mixing 3D and 360 video material to go through their process of whisky making. It approaches the creation of an immersive environment.

The Singleton – 360 VR Rendering

The Singleton created a 3D rendered tasting experience guiding viewers through the individual nosing and tasting notes for The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 year old expression. They enhance the tasting with subtile sounds and recognisable visuals of fruits (such as apples and cherries), spices and chocolate while a voice is guiding the viewer through the individual steps.

Glenfiddich – VR Experience

After their 360 Video Glenfiddich created an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) experience for their Cask Collection. It enabled the user to choose a cask and 3D paint tasting notes in the air.

Le petite Chef by Skullmapping – Projection mapping

While this is not created for the whisky industry it is still relevant. The company Skullmapping created a series of little 3D animations which are projected onto tables or bars showing the preparations of food and drinks in an entertaining way.