Experiment – Deconstruction of Glenfiddich Project XX

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Posted by Mica on June 9, 2019 in Concept & Research

For the visualisations required by my project, I needed firstly to analyse the whisky of my choice and deconstruct it, unpacking the nosing and tasting notes into colours, shapes and other abstractions. Fortunately, Glenfiddich brand ambassador for Scotland, Mark Thomson, was on hand to offer his professional expertise.

I created a tasting sheet for this experiment divided into circles. The upper half of the circles was used for the nosing notes, while the lower part of the circled was used for the tasting notes. Further separations where made between the inner and outer circle. The inner circles offered space for the actual nosing and tasting notes, while the outer circle for abstractions.
Additionally, I provided a colour sheet to help with the matching of suitable colours to the individual tastes.

According to the numbers on the sheet we matched the tastings and nosing notes in order of our perception.

It is to note that this experiment was purely to support design choices rather than gaining scientific accuracy.

While we started both with our nosing notes and moved further to the tasting notes, Mark recognised a similarity between the nosing and tasting notes according to their order.

It was also great to see further abstractions developing in this tasting such as sheep wool.

Results Mark Thomson
Results Mica Wilczynski
Colour Palette