Difficulties with Technological Reliability

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Posted by Mica on August 5, 2019 in Design Implementation

Everyone who is working with technology probably experienced before that it tends to let you down at the least suitable moments.

So far I had one broken Link Control Box, a circuit short burned one of the cables powering the Base Stations and now I experience reappearing HDCP errors whenever I connect the HTC Vive Tracker.
Restarting the laptop as well as Steam VR a few times usually solved this problem. This is usually an indication that the technology is not coping with the software requirements or that the Base station or the HDMI cables are broken. I could exclude the last two reasons in this case and am left with hardware which is not able to cope with the requirements (laptop graphics card or HTC Vive version).

At the moment the tracking is also relatively inaccurate. External light sources interfering with the sensors could be one of the reason for this issue as well as the limitations of the NVIDIA graphics card.