All About Sensors

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Posted by Mica on May 4, 2019 in Concept & Research

To create a whisky glass as a controller for my experience I have to find out what kind of sensor would be suitable.

The goal is to find a sensor which can detect changes in the y aches to find out if the glass was lifted, as well the degree of rotation to detect if the content of the glass was nosed or even rotated more than 45° which could be an indication of tasting. This research brought me down to two options:

  1. Accelerometer Sensor
    This sensor is used in smartphones and can detect motion, vibration and tilting with respect to the earth.
    There various Accelerometer sensors and the one that might be of more relevance for this project could be the 3 Axis Accelerometer which can next to the y axis also detect changes in the x and z axis. (1)
  2. Gyroscope Sensor
    A Gyroscope sensor is mainly used in aircrafts can determine additionally orientation (tilting) even when the sensor is in motion while an Accelerometer has it’s limitations in this area (2).

Researching these sensors in particular I could still work with a 3-axis-Accelerometer sensor. There are several sensor available which are water resistant and include wireless sending of live data.

Further questions

Next to the question about sensor I also have to answer the following questions if I want to implement my experience with projection mapping:

  1. How to visualise smell?
  2. How much distance do I need from the projector to the wall?
    I found an projector which could screen a 10ft wide image with only 6ft distance.
  3. How to solve distortion of images?
    This is often done by scanning the object with a Microsoft Kinect.
  4. How big has the booth to be?
  5. How many projectors will I need?
  6. How to place the projector so I wont have a shadow of the participant blocking the images?

With all these open questions I am again considering whether AR might not be a better choice…

Also the implementation of the sensor will cost a lot of time and knowledge in electromechanics. Won’t it be better to search for an alternative option which allows me to focus on the design rather the technical implementation of transferring data into a usable form?